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Track Name: The five sagittarius party
Five nice girls born under the same star de-cided to hold a party for their birthday ; five nice girls rented a room where they invited friends to share this gorgeous day.

And the party’s goin’on, everybody’s havin’ lots of fun, the sweat, the smoke of cigarettes fill the room, there’s less and less air to breathe…

Me, I just sit in a corner of this room, drin-king and smoking as some selfish philosopher. It all looks like some expressionist painting, the dancers as flames twisting and turning on the grey walls.

And suddenly a voice resounds inside my head, saying : “Nothing here is real, all you see is illusion, quick levitation ; let it blow your mind for a little time…”

The beer goes slowly inside my belly, then into my veins, it travels to my brain.

Everything’s unreal and it will remain the same throughout the night, now that you are at the party…

There’s no way out of here but it doesn’t matter, I’ve no desire to escape from this place.
It feels like eternity since the party began, still the flames twist and turn, still the air burns.
Track Name: The Book of Life
The trees are burning down, the trees are falling down, the trees, they go back to the ground.
But as long as you’re around, the trees will make no sound, they will not haunt me when I’m home.
The war is spreading fast, for centuries, it lasts, and sows its seeds in every heart.
But as long as you’re around, the war will not he found inside my head nor in my town.
And people just don’t care, they simply stand and stare when they see someone who suffers.
But as long as you’re around, the people they can howl, it will not hurt me not at all.
Please, don’t talk to me, don’t say a word, just stand in front of me. And I will stare at you, looking into your eyes, hoping you’ll un-derstand that what I tell you is the simple and naked truth.
The world is consumed by fire, surrounded by barbed wire, and everyday, the fear goes higher.
But as long as you’re around, my world will still go round, it will not be put upside down.
The streets are full of hate, the world is full of fate, the life of man, it has no taste.
But as long as you’re around, as long as you’re the one, the life I lead will have a sense.
Track Name: Sonnenuntergang
Eins : Du erschienst
Zwei : Ich weis du Name nicht
Drei : Du lächst und gehet gegen die ster-nen.
Und denn schprachst du.
“Ich bin einem vom dieser engeln der ver-nichtung, und glaubt mir nicht, aber du musst mir glauben” Ich habe nichts gehören
Track Name: Requiescat In Pace (RIP)
Passe paujêr’mint
Au d’truvié dè l’campagne,

Po nn’aler
D’on pas odé,
R’piquer l’vi cousse è l’dagn.

Waire di djins,
Sacants vijins,
Po roter pa-drî l’cwar,

Et po r’dire,
A d’s-oûtes qu’ayîr :
“Ca fait qu’Batisse èst mwârt”.
Track Name: The Tedious Waltz
Beneath the Nothern White Stars, my glass is filled with sparkling lights. Lightning has struck my thoughts, although I know gods are gone, and gnomes have taken their place in those plasticine houses I built.

Our daddy’s drunk ; incapable of controlling us, he lost his head and he is now heading for the sea. See how he tumbles down, drowning among a devoted crowd of dwarfs and pixies.

I watch you from a hidden place facing the dotted wall-paper ; permission is asked to look at your face, as you walk along the edge of the room, hiding your beauty behind a mask : “Ask me now, if you dare !”.

Give me your hand
For this tedious waltz
For my pain is much to deep.
Give me your hand
Let us go back and forth,
Turning ‘round and ‘round.

So I put on my eyeglass, glancing at your shyness nestled behind this discoloured dress you wear. “Where is the time when wine was no cause of despair ?”.

Your eyes, hidden behind a veil, vainly try to avoid mine. I know I shouldn’t torment or haunt the purest mind, but wine has told me to. And you, what did he tell you ?

Give me your hand…
Track Name: Narcissus Drank The River
Well, do you remember the place where we used to say our first stupid lovers words ? You already said : “Well, how does it feel son ? You know you are the Lucky One !”. You’ve wasted my money, my sweat, my pride, my tears, al-ways worn that stupid smile on your stupid face, but it’s me who was the idiot. If this is heaven, oh, give me hell right now, it has lasted for too long. And you know precisely how I feel, but still you say : “Well, how does it feel son ? You know you are the Lucky One !”.
There have been times I have been blind, so blind I could not see you. But now I understood everything, at last. There is one little thing I’d like to tell you and this little thing is : “you should have you tongue cut off !”
With my head in my hands, I’m asking my-self with anger how I came to be your fool, how could I be your dog instead of your lover. If this is heaven, oh, give me hell right now, it has lasted for too long. And you know precisely how I feel, but still you say : “Well, how does it feel son ? You know you are the Lucky One !”. I pray for the ending of this psychopathic slaughter, but my prayers are always denied, they are use-less ; I have taken the decision alone, that’s why…
In a moment I will light my last Lucky Strike, and go home without a word. But you’ll hear my voice screaming inside your head, saying : “Well, I do feel so fine, I know I am the Lucky Guy !”.
Track Name: My Weeping Soul In Blossom
Think of a time that was not so long ago, quietly smiling at the blue sky. With your hair like a river through my fingers and your eyes like a sea, pure and wild.

I knew this, I’ve seen this, I hoped this time would never end.

Our endless conversations in your room which were so boring for all our friends filled my time and taught me more about life that any experience could have done.
There’s not a square inch of your soft white skin my fingers did not touch and explore as we invented new games of love where both of us were the winners.
“I ‘ll love you for ever” I promised one day, I will not be a liar ; your eyes will shine inside my memory my whole life long, you can trust me.
I’ve searched for all the pictures of you I’ve kept though it makes me remember how we used to drown our minds in wine and laughter, a little bit later, it was in tears.
Now I live in the center of an old and sin-king town. I don’t know where you are now, there’s no trace of you on these walls. The cars, they scream ; the crowd, it goes its way ; the concrete is punishing all my desires ; I see people drink and fake their happiness while their world is drowning in a tragical mess.
Track Name: My Autumn Leaves
Have you seen them crawl into the crying sky
Have you heard their screams into the fu-neral fires

Can’t you hear them
in our forest
the leaves are always down

Can’t you hear them
in our forest
the birds are mourning around

Have you heard them fall upon this sleeping ground
Have you seen their tears fall from their green blue eyes

Have you heard them crack and die at sun-set’s dawn
Have you seen them lie in a coffin made of ice